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Instead of teaching complicated charts, Star Scales Pro or Star Scales HD app quickly helps you to master scale patterns, improve speed and accuracy, and build up muscle memory at the same time. In Star Scales Pro or Star Scales HD app each scale comes with fingering and note names in all positions on the fretboard, making it easy to master a pattern.

Star Scales Pro

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The Star Scales Pro or Star Scales HD app will teach you one scale, and all its patters, at a time. It allows you to concentrate on one scale in all keys, and practice it until you sharpen your skills. You can switch between different keys, tunings, or playback mode, as well as create your favorite scale patterns, or find a particular one using the search bar tool.

All Guitar Scales As Patterns

Star Scales contains all blues, rock and jazz guitar scales.

Dynamic Fretboard

Zoom in/out of fretboard to view pattern, rotate fretboard to vertical position in portrait view or view scale pattern in landscape mode.

Practice Scales

Practice with Random scale pattern generator.

View All Guitar Scales

View All Guitar Scales

View Guitar Scales With Patterns

View Guitar Scales With Patterns

Zoom In-Out To Guitar Scale Pattern

Zoom In-Out To Guitar Scale Pattern

Practice With Random Scale Generator

Practice With Random Scale Generator

Playback Guitar Scales

Playback Guitar Scales

Add Scales To Favorites

Add Scales To Favorites

Share Guitar Scales in PDF

Share Guitar Scales in PDF

Customisable Backgrounds

Customisable Backgrounds

  • All Guitars Scales

    Contains all blues, rock and jazz guitar scales

  • Favorite Scales

    mark scale patterns as favorite

  • Rotate Fretboard

    Rotate fretboard to vertical position in portrait view

  • Zooming

    Zoom in/out of fretboard to view pattern

  • Sharing

    Share one pattern of scale as image or all patterns of scale as pdf (by e-mail, or on Facebook, twitter)

  • Practice Mode

    Practice with Random scale pattern generator

  • Search

    search scales by scale name

  • Easy Orientation

    Display/hide remaining notes of a scale, to view scale pattern in context with all other notes of a scale, or by itself

  • 6 and 7 String guitar

    Scales for 6-string and 7-string guitars available

  • Design

    modern flat design with customisable backgrounds

  •  Pentatonic Major – (Chinese Mongolian)
  •  Pentatonic Minor
  •  Blues
  •  Major (Ionian) – (Greek Lydian, Hypolydian, Ethiopian (A raray))
  •  Minor (Aeolian) – (Natural Minor, Pure Minor, Ancient Minor, Greek Hypodorian, Hypodorian, Ethiopian (Geez & Ezel))
  •  Minor Harmonic – (Aeolian major 7, Melodic Minor b6, Mohammedan)
  •  Minor Melodic – (Jazz Minor, Ionian b3, Hawaiian)
  • Pentatonic Major – (Chinese Mongolian)
  • Pentatonic Suspended – (Pentatonic Neutral, Egyptian)
  • Man Gong
  • Ritusen – (Chinese 2)
  • Pentatonic Minor
  • Pentatonic Dorian
  • Pentatonic Dominant
  • Major (Ionian) – (Greek Lydian, Hypolydian, Ethiopian (A raray))
  • Dorian – (Greek Phrygian, Hypomixolydian)
  • Phrygian – (Greek Dorian, Hypoaeolian, Maqam Kurd, Major Inverse)
  • Lydian – (Greek Hypolydian, Hypolocrian)
  • Mixolydian – (Dominant 7th, Greek Hypophrygian, Hypoionian)
  • Minor (Aeolian) – (Natural Minor, Pure Minor, Ancient Minor, Greek Hypodorian, Hypodorian, Ethiopian (Geez & Ezel))
  • Locrian – (Half Diminished, Greek Mixolydian, Hypophrygian)
  • Minor Harmonic – (Aeolian major 7, Melodic Minor b6, Mohammedan)
  • Locrian #6
  • Ionian #5 – (Ionian Augmented)
  • Dorian #4 – (Romanian, Romanian Minor, Dorian #11, Misheberakh)
  • Phrygian Major – (Phrygian Dominant, Mixolydian b9 b13, Mixolydian b2 b6, Balkan, Spanish Gipsy)
  • Lydian #2
  • Ultralocrian – (Locrian bb7, Diminished)
  • Minor Melodic – (Jazz Minor, Ionian b3, Hawaiian)
  • Phrygian Natural 6 – (Locrian #6, Dorian b9, Javanese)
  • Lydian Augmented – (Lydian #5)
  • Lydian Dominant b7 – (Mixolydian #4, Mixolydian #11, Overtone)
  • Mixolydian b6 – (Major Melodic, Mixolydian b13, Aeolian #3, Aeolian Dominant, Hindustan, Hindu)
  • Aeolian b5 – (Semilocrian, Half Diminished #2, Locrian #2)
  • Altered Dominant – (Super Locrian, Ravel, Diminished Whole-Tone, Locrian b4)
  • Harmonic Major – (Ionian b6)
  • Dorian b5 – (Locrian #2 #6)
  • Phrygian b4 – (Superlocrian natural 5, Superphrygian)
  • Lydian b3 – (Jazz Minor #4, Jazz Minor #11, Lydian Diminished)
  • Mixolydian b9 – (Mixolydian b2)
  • Lydian #2 #5 – (Lydian Augmented #2)
  • Locrian bb7 – (Locrian diminished 7)
  • Neapolitan – (Neapolitan Major, Jazz Minor b2)
  • Leading Whole-Tone – (Lydian Augmented #6, Lydian #5 #6)
  • Lydian Augmented Dominant – (Lydian #5 b7, Mixolydian #5 #11, Mixolydian #4 #5)
  • Lydian Dominant b6 – (Lydian b6 b7, Mixolydian #11 #13, Mixolydian #4 b6, Lydian Minor)
  • Major Locrian – (Mixolydian b5 b6, Mixolydian b5 b13, Locrian #2 #3, Arabian)
  • Semilocrian b4 – ( Locrian natural 2 b4)
  • Superlocrian bb3
  • Neapolitan Minor – (Neapolitan Major b6, Harmonic Minor b2, Phrygian maj7)
  • Lydian #6
  • Mixolydian Augmented – (Mixolydian #5)
  • Hungarian Gipsy – (Aeolian #4)
  • Locrian Dominant – (Locrian #3, Oriental b6, Mixolydian b5 b9 b13, Mixolydian b2 b5 b6)
  • Ionian #2
  • Ultralocrian bb3
  • Double Harmonic Major – (Ionian b2 b6, Double Harmonic, Bizantine, Major Gipsy, Charhargah)
  • Lydian #2 #6
  • Ultraphrygian – (Phrygian b4 bb7, Ultralocrian natural 5)
  • Hungarian Minor – (Harmonic Minor #4, Lydian b3 b6, Double Harmonic Minor, Algerian, Minor Gipsy)
  • Oriental – (Mixolydian b5 b9, Mixolydian b2 b5)
  • Ionian Augmented #2 – (Ionian #2 #5)
  • Locrian bb3 bb7
  • Hungarian – (Hungarian Major, Lydian Dominant #2, Mixolydian #9 #11, Lydian #2 b7, Mixolydian #2 #4)
  • Superlocrian bb6 bb7
  • Harmonic Minor b5
  • Superlocrian #6
  • Jazz Minor #5
  • Dorian b9 #11
  • Lydian Augmented #3 – (Lydian #3 #5)
  • Diminished – (Wholestep – Halfstep)
  • Octatonic – (Halfstep – Wholestep)
  • Whole Tone – (Exatonic, Anemitonic)
  • Augmented
  • Augmented Inverse
  • Enigmatic Ascending
  • Enigmatic Descending
  • Bebop Major
  • Bebop Dorian
  • Bebop Dominant
  • Bebop Minor
  • Bebop Locrian

Lets say you want to learn Pentatonic minor scale. First you will need to learn all 5 of its pattern shapes in the key of “a”. When you are already familiar with these pattern shapes, and you can play them on your guitar, go to: Settings tab / Scale Names and select Pentatonic minor only. In Settings tab / Keys make sure all keys are selected. Now, go to the Practice tab and press the random generator button. It will generate a pentatonic minor scale in a random key and pattern for you, e.g.: g Pentatonic minor – 3rd pattern. Practice the scale pattern on your guitar for a min. of 20 minutes, and maximum 1 hour. Next day go to the Practice tab again and generate a new scale pattern for yourself, e.g.: c Pentatonic minor – 4th pattern. Continue like this every day, for about a month. After one month of practicing, you will gain a good knowledge of the Pentatonic minor scale in all keys, and you will feel comfortable with it on your guitar’s fretboard. If you are already familiar with couple of scales and all their patterns, e.g.: Pentatonic minor, Pentatonic Major, Blues or Major (Ionian), select all these scales in the Settings tab and use the random generator in the Practice tab to generate a random scale with random key and pattern to practice any patterns from among these scales. Naturally, you can create any combination of scales and keys for practice.

If a pattern is playable on empty strings, it can be shifted with the button.

Patterns are always arranged according to the patterns order in base “C” key or “a” key. In all keys of one scale, pattern shapes remain the same as in the base key, they are only shifted on the fretboard. When a user learns pattern shapes of a scale in the base key, he will automatically know all the pattern shapes in all keys, they will only be shifted on the fretboard according to the current key, e.g.: 1st pattern shape of a Pentatonic minor starts on the fifth fret of the fretboard, while the 1st pattern shape of e Pentatonic minor starts on the 9th fret. The ninth fret is not at the beginning of the fretboard, but using this approach of keeping the pattern numbers for shapes in different keys, simplify the learning curve for pattern shapes of a scale.

Write us! and if we like your idea, we will add it to our Wish list. Until today a lot of user requests were implemented to Star Scales app.









★★★★★ Print out. Awesome app. Being able to print out the scales as a PDF is a big plus

Jeff Petroff

★★★★★ Good App. I'm enjoying this app it has easy fingering and shows you your root notes in each scale!! Plus you've all the modes!! I wish I would've found this app when I first started learning guitar! Not everyone who says they can teach can and the same goes for guitarist who write books. Some people are in it for the love of how much money they can make off people! As for those who really love music and teaching guitar my hat goes off too you!!! Just so many dishonest individuals out there making learning guitar harder than it really is!! DOG(DEPEND ON GOD) not men!! Good day mate!!!


★★★★★ This is crazy hot. I been looking for you where have you been all my guitar life App, but seriously I have been looking at scale charts and trying to figure the pentatonic scales out for some time now and this made it happen really great top notch App what I really needed and more worth every bit of what I payed for it. 

Eric IQ

★★★★★ Great app for intermediate level guitarist!! If you're into learning scales, this app will play tons of them, show you fingering on the fretboard, and allow you to "pluck" them out manually. Nice graphics and several different approaches to help you become proficient with scales.


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