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V Creator – MLM

Simplify your work and become a unique leader in MLM Business with your iPhone or iPad


Collect your 1000 rejections as smilies with ``V Creator- MLM`` to eliminate the fear of rejection. Remember - the more rejection you get, the less fear you have of rejection. Your collected rejection smilies will remind you that you can be happy because you are closer to achieving your dreams.

Contact List

Easily create and prioritise your contact list right from the address book of your iPhone or iPad. Manage and keep in touch with your contacts by assigning a reminder to them or adding a note to them so you won't forget any detail after a meeting. Whether your meeting was successful or you received a rejection, with ``V Creator - MLM`` you can categorise and filter your contacts according to New Contacts, Customers, Affiliates Rejectors and Dream Stealers.


Envision your big dreams which will fuel your business, put them to ``V Creator - MLM`` and keep them in your pocket at all times. You will always have them in front of you while you work with your contacts or with your rejections with ``V Creator- MLM``.

  • Contact List

    easily create contact list from address book of your iPhone/iPad

  • Priority

    prioritize your contact list by 1. Priority and 2. Priority

  • Categories

    assign category to your contacts (New Contact, Customer, Affiliate, Rejector, Dream Stealer)

  • Filter

    filter contact list by New Contacts, Custumers, Brand Partners, Rejectors, Dream Stealers, 1. Priority, 2. Priority and Reminders

  • Sharing

    share your contact list as pdf

  • Reminders and Notes

    add reminders and notes to your contacts

  • Search

    search in contact list

  • Dreams

    define your Big Dreams

  • Rejections

    collect MLM rejections as Smilies

  • Design

    modern flat design









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